February 23, 2018 / by Simon Martin

Dairying Sector exchange and upgrade of electricity supply meters

A highly commercial Midlands based large dairy was in a long term energy supply contract which had not been procured on the best of terms. Simon Martin asked the Power Solutions specialist metering team to analyse the usage and they concluded that a case could be made to the supplier that given the high usage the existing meter should be exchanged for a new half hourly meter (i.e. automatically read every half hour by the incumbent supplier) after discussing the proposal with the firm’s electrical contractor to ensure that any disruption to the supply would be minimised.

The meter was duly replaced at no cost to the business which enabled the existing energy supply contract to be totally renegotiated with the supplier saving the operation well over £12,500 in costs which would have otherwise been paid to the supplier for the duration of the remaining 18 months of the contract.