October 23, 2018 / by Simon Martin

The importance of using a reputable Premier energy broker

Many business owners are often approached by businesses claiming to be bona fide energy brokers, when in fact they are merely operations trying to make excessive amounts from businesses by attempting to ensnare businesses in to long term contracts either with them directly or to place them in contracts with certain energy suppliers which can be very difficult to leave at the end of the ‘initial supply term’ (suppliers can make objections to transfers to new suppliers). It is therefore really important to use a reputable premier broker who not only provides fully independent advice but is also motivated to protect their clients from any inappropriate estimated billing which can lead to businesses having quite unnecessarily large amounts being removed from their bank accounts via arranged direct debits set up at the beginning of the ‘initial contract period’. A premier broker will ensure that at the end of the ‘initial contract period’ termination of the contract is given in plenty of time to the existing supplier (not the supply of electricity or gas itself – just the actual contract agreement) so that there is plenty of time to secure an attractive new supply deal and also offers their client a full spread of the very best offers to be found within the whole market (N.B. typically 12 , 24 and 36 month contracts and even as long as 60 month contracts) usually with a clear recommendation which the business is not obliged to accept depending on the type of business involved (many business owners, such as rural businesses, find it very difficult to increase their prices if their costs increase significantly) and not just a few suppliers with whom they happen to be dealing. A premier broker is a leading supplier of energy supply contracts with only Ofgem registered suppliers and will provide protection should anything go wrong with the supply because they deal with the supplier in a significant way. Power Solutions UK are a leading premier broker with experts who ensure that their clients are fully protected and when something goes wrong they resolve the issues swiftly and free of charge providing peace of mind and a trouble free supply which is increasingly important to businesses which rely so heavily on their energy supplies being both robust and dependable. Make quite sure that your energy broker is robust and dependable too because you might need them and that is when it really counts !