July 12, 2018 / by Simon Martin

Important things to know to manage your businesses power costs

What are premier brokers?

Very few energy supply brokers are premier brokers. Premier brokers are brokers with business relationships with all the mainstream Ofgem registered energy suppliers and re-sellers. It is important to ensure that your business is adequately protected by being advised by a premier broker both in terms of the type of contract being offered and the full terms and conditions applying as well. Power Solutions provide such advice.

Are you stuck with energy supply contracts?

It is important to understand that contracts can in certain situations be renegotiated (e.g. typically if a very high price per unit is being paid and consumption is high allowing a potential upgrade of the supply) this requires a knowledgeable and reputable broker to negotiate with a supplier if there is scope to do so. Energy suppliers will listen to premier brokers who have the specialist knowledge and experience with teams available to provide this service.

Questions on VAT on Energy?

Frequently VAT is incorrectly applied to invoices for businesses within certain sectors and consumptions. Power Solutions can easily check to ensure that the correct amount of VAT is being applied to your businesses invoices.

How can you manage your energy consumption?

Power Solutions works very closely with trusted partners to provide an over- arching energy supply service to ensure that your business is using the minimum amount of energy and is not wasting it unnecessarily. We provide advice on such things as Voltage Optimisation, Solar PV, Biomass, CHP and many other areas of reducing wastage and obtaining a better deal for your organisation’s needs.

What is it embedded power or micro generation?

Many businesses and organisations experiencing rapid growth increasingly find themselves short of power. Simon at Power Solutions provides expert advice on whether it might be worth considering having an embedded power facility for their own use to protect themselves and export in to grid too via a highly efficient and clean (and quiet) gas fired turbine.